Idiot (Part 03 and 04) cover

Idiot (Part 03 and 04)

Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881)

1. Part III, Chapter 1
2. Part III, Chapter 2
3. Part III, Chapter 3
4. Part III, Chapter 4
5. Part III, Chapter 5
6. Part III, Chapter 6
7. Part III, Chapter 7
8. Part III, Chapter 8
9. Part III, Chapter 9
10. Part III, Chapter 10
11. Part IV, Chapter 1
12. Part IV, Chapter 2
13. Part IV, Chapter 3
14. Part IV, Chapter 4
15. Part IV, Chapter 5
16. Part IV, Chapter 6
17. Part IV, Chapter 7
18. Part IV, Chapter 8
19. Part IV, Chapter 9
20. Part IV, Chapter 10
21. Part IV, Chapter 11
22. Part IV, Chapter 12

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    The extraordinary child-adult Prince Myshkin, confined for several years in a Swiss sanatorium suffering from severe epilepsy, returns to Russia to claim his inheritance and to find a place in healthy human society. The teeming St Petersburg community he enters is far from receptive to an innocent like himself, despite some early successes and relentless pursuit by grotesque fortune-hunters. His naive gaucheries give rise to extreme reactions among his new acquaintance, ranging from anguished protectiveness to mockery and contempt. But even before reaching the city, during the memorable train journey that opens the novel, he has encountered the demonic Rogozhin, the son of a wealthy merchant – who is in thrall to the equally doomed Nastasia Filippovna: beautiful, capricious and destructively neurotic, she joins with the two weirdly contrasted men in a spiraling dance of death…


    Dostojevskij man

    - Excellent read

    The best reader I've heard!

    Samuel Forsberg

    - Very well Martin!

    Martin, you read with such a good passion and eloquence! Thank you very much! The story gets alive!


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    The best voice I've heard for a long time!


    - The idiot

    Well read.

    Excellent naration. Thank you! Looking forward to parts 3 and 4.


    - The Idiot

    Excellent book and excellent narration.


    - The Idiot

    Excellent reading!!! Can't wait for Parts 3 and 4..

    - The Idiot

    What a good book and so well read. Looking forward to parts 3 and 4.