The House of a Thousand Candles cover

The House of a Thousand Candles

Meredith Nicholson (1866-1947)

1. 01 - The Will of John Marshall Glenarm
2. 02 - A Face at Sherry's
3. 03 - The House of a Thousand Candles
4. 04 - A Voice From the Lake
5. 05 - A Red Tam-O'-Shanter
6. 06 - The Girl and the Canoe
7. 07 - The Man on the Wall
8. 08 - A String of Gold Beads
9. 09 - The Girl and The Rabbit
10. 10 - An Affair With the Caretaker
11. 11 - I Receive a Caller
12. 12 - I Explore a Passage
13. 13 - A Pair of Eavesdroppers
14. 14 - The Girl in Gray
15. 15 - I Make an Engagement
16. 16 - The Passing of Olivia
17. 17 - Sister Theresa
18. 18 - Golden Butterflies
19. 19 - I Meet an Old Friend
20. 20 - A Triple Alliance
21. 21 - Pickering Serves Notice
22. 22 - The Return of Marian Devereux
23. 23 - The Door of Bewilderment
24. 24 - A Prowler of the Night
25. 25 - Besieged
26. 26 The Fight in the Library
27. 27 - Changes and Chances
28. 28 - Shorter Vistas
29. 29 - And So the Light Led Me

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A reputedly wealthy and eccentric old man dies in Vermont. His home, the House of a Thousand Candles, so called for the owner's preference to candle light, is left empty save a faithful servant -- his fortune mysteriously vanished, though rumored to still have been hidden in the house somewhere. John Glenarm, the late old man's grandson, stands to inherit the estate (and so the secret fortune) under the stipulation that he live in the house for one year. If he fails, the house will be forfeited and awarded to Marian Devereaux, the niece of the nun who operates the nearby Saint Agatha's School for girls. Mister Pickering, the executor of the estate and childhood rival of John's, decides to find the hidden treasure before young Glenarm does.


brenda flowers

- the house of a thousand candles

wow best reader ever. such a joy . thank you so much.


- The house of a thousand candles

Excellent reading and a lovely old fashioned mystery!!! Reminded me of Dornford Yates books, more please!!


Great narrator.


- An old house with treasure?

This is classic "haunted house" mystery/love story. It's best part is the numerous "class " and regional accents as presented by the reader. I really enjoyed it.


- Classic Old House Mystery

Thoroughly enjoyable yarn read with a lively humour that perfectly reflected the character of the young man recounting his adventures.