Audiobook: Hour of the Dragon (version 2)

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Hour of the Dragon (version 2)

1 - O Sleeper, Awake!


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This is absolutely the best Conan novel ever written in my opinion. It follows Conan when at the peak of his power as king of Aquilonia, he is overthrown by dark, evil magic from Stygia and turned into a hunted refugee. A 3,000 year old magician from the most evil empire that ever existed is resurrected and with his sinister aid, Conan's enemies cause the barbarian's downfall. The plot twists and turns in wonderful fashion, following the Heart of Arihman, a strange extremely powerful magic jewel from another universe. He fights back as only he can against tremendous odds; beautiful women love and aid him; other beautiful women try to kill him; he travels through many hostile countries; his days as a corsair and pirate are remembered and used; and so, so, much more. This book was a joy to read and it will be a good listen for Conan fans. (by phil Chenevert).

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