Heron Nest cover

Heron Nest

W. Bert Foster (1869-1929)

1. The End of All Things
2. Rack and Ruin Villa
3. Bone Labor
4. Getting Into Harness
5. The Sowersbys
6. The Plebeian Onion
7. The Great Conspiracy
8. The Snare of the Fowler
9. At Work in Earnest
10. The Hen That Lays the Golden Egg
11. Getting the Best of Dame Nature
12. The Threatening Cloud
13. The Bolt from the Cloud
14. The Transplanting
15. In The Grip of the Gale
16. The Christmas Spirit
17. Clearing The Way
18. The Road Makers
19. The Old Man of the Sea
20. Uncle Calvert
21. The Fat's in the Fire
22. No
23. The Fire Fight
24. Yes

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    Pleasant family drama set in early 1900's or late 1890's upstate New York. The Herron clan, led by heroic, inventive, handicapped older brother Billy, has fallen on hard times due to one of the depressions that occurred before the Great one of the 30's. He manages to charm their way out of the tenements and into the country where he and his younger siblings farm their way to success, albeit on a small, Waltons-esque scale. Features many detailed gardening tips. Minor quibble with a sub-plot involving borderline incest but all in all, an inspirational work for the get-er-dun generation.