The Harvester cover

The Harvester

Gene Stratton-Porter (1863-1924)

1. Chapter 01
2. Chapter 02
3. Chapter 03
4. Chapter 04
5. Chapter 05
6. Chapter 06
7. Chapter 07
8. Chapter 08
9. Chapter 09
10. Chapter 10
11. Chapter 11
12. Chapter 12
13. Chapter 13a
14. Chapter 13b
15. Chapter 14
16. Chapter 15
17. Chapter 16a
18. Chapter 16b
19. Chapter 17
20. Chapter 18
21. Chapter 19a
22. Chapter 19b
23. Chapter 20
24. Chapter 21

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The Harvester is one of Gene Stratton-Porter’s romantic novels which combine a love of nature, high moral ideals and a good plot.This is the story of a young man who lives in the country side with his dog and other animals and grows herbs to sell to medical drug supply houses.One evening, he has a vision of his Dream Girl and this is the story of his search for her and what happens when he finds her.


really lovely story, beautifully read.

Debbie M

- Thoroughly enjoyed The Harvester

This author is a new favorite. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and the reader did a nice job. Great book for young and old.

Elizabeth M.

- The Harvester

Greatly enjoyed this book. Full of nature and very wholesome and clean, especially by today's standards. May be a bit too wholesome for some, but I found it an extreamly sweet and beautiful love story. Very well read and nice clean recording. Easy to listen to.