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#1 - The Wisdom, Order, and Harmony of the Government of God

Government of God

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Download The Object of Man's Existence on the Earth; and His Relationship Thereto. audio
Download Man's Accountability to God. audio
Download The Lord's Course in the Moral Government of the World audio
Download Whose Right Is It to Govern the World? Who Has Governed It? audio
Download Will Man Always Be Permitted to Usurp Authority Over Men, and Over the Works of God? Will the World Remain for evr Under a Curse, and God's Designs Be Frustrated? audio
Download Will God's Kingdom Be a Literal or a Spirital Kingdom? audio
Download The Establishment of the Kingdom of God upon the Earth audio
Download The Effects of the Establishment of Christ's Kingdom, or the Reign of God upon the Earth. audio
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An outline of the Government of God as held by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as outlined by John Taylor, third President of the Church. Summary by Wayne Cooke.

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