The Good Housekeeping Marriage Book cover

The Good Housekeeping Marriage Book


1. 00 – Introduction & Foreword by William F. Bigelow & Helen Judy Bond
2. 01 – When He Comes A-Courting by Dr. Ernest R. Groves
3. 02 – Now That You Are Engaged by Dr. James L. McConaughy
4. 03 – Ought I To Marry? by Dr. Ellsworth Huntington
5. 04 – Should Wives Work? by Eleanor Roosevelt
6. 05 – Learning to Live Together by Gladys Hoagland Groves
7. 06 – Marriage Makes the Money Go by Elizabeth Bussing
8. 07 – Children? Of Course! by Jessie Marshall, MD
9. 08 – Detour Around Reno by Dr. Hornell Hart
10. 09 – Sex Instruction in the Home by Frances Bruce Strain
11. 10 – Religion in the Home by William Lyon Phelps
12. 11 – It Pays to be Happily Married by Stanley G. Dickinson
13. 12 – The Case for Monogamy by Dr. Ernest Groves and Gladys Groves

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A collection of articles from Good Housekeeping magazine, The Good Housekeeping Marriage Book focuses on the subject of marriage. With instructions and advice from courtship to raising children, this collection aims to assist those with questions and concerns surrounding marriage and the ensuing relationship. Published in 1938.