The Gods of Mars cover

The Gods of Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950)

1. 01 – The Plant Men
2. 02 – A Forest Battle
3. 03 – The Chamber of Mystery
4. 04 – Thuvia
5. 05 – Corridors of Peril
6. 06 – The Black Pirates of Barsoom
7. 07 – A Fair Goddess
8. 08 – The Depths of Omean
9. 09 – Issus, Goddess of Life Eternal
10. 10 – The Prison Isle of Shador
11. 11 – When Hell Broke Loose
12. 12 – Doomed to Die
13. 13 – A Break for Liberty
14. 14 – The Eyes in the Dark
15. 15 – Flight and Pursuit
16. 16 – Under Arrest
17. 17 – The Death Sentence
18. 18 – Sola’s Story
19. 19 – Black Despair
20. 20 – The Air Battle
21. 21 – Through Flood and Flame
22. 22 – Victory and Defeat

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Burroughs’ second book in the classic Barsoom series, The Gods of Mars is a scientific fiction novel following the adventures of John Carter as he returns to Mars after a ten year hiatus in the hope of being reunited with his wife, child and the Red Martian people. First published as a five-part serial in a pulp magazine in the course of 1913, the novel was later published as a whole in 1918. A tale of audacity, honor, optimism, and perseverance, Burroughs successfully builds on to the previous book allowing a broader view of the Red Planet. The novel begins as John Carter returns to Barsoom after his involuntary absence of ten years and finds himself in the Valley Dor, or the Barsoomian afterlife from which no one is permitted to leave. However, the Valley Dor is anything but a spiritual haven and instead Carter discovers that it is a ruse, forged by the Therns, a race of self-proclaimed gods. For eons they have deceived Barsoomians into believing that the pilgrimage to the Valley Dor is a journey to paradise, although in reality most visitors are either killed or enslaved by the Therns. Accompanied by friend Tars Tarkas, the pair tries to escape from the place, and are aided by the confusion caused by an attack by the Black Pirates of Barsoom upon the Therns. Taking advantage of the present mayhem, Carter and his accomplices are able to hijack a Black Pirate flier, killing most of the Pirates in the process and saving a Thern captive. Carter learns that the Black Pirates or the “First Born”, also see themselves as gods therefore clarifying their hatred for the Therns. The Red Planet finds itself in a time of crisis, immersed in religious and schismatic conflict, and it is up to Carter to not only participate but maneuver a planetary scale revolution. Burroughs continues his fast moving plot full of action and twists, as the endearing hero must prevail through many obstacles and bring order between the inhabitants, while ultimately reuniting himself with his family. The Gods of Mars is an exciting installment in the Barsoom series which continues to pave the way for science fiction as its protagonist faces his greatest challenges and deadliest dangers to date.


Emma Ashley

- Be honest and kind

Lovely voice few slips but well read really enjoyed this book thank you.

Rob Cooney

- John carter

I am a lifelong fan of the Mars books and I thank the reader for taking the time to bring this book to life and the others I only wish the whole range was availible many thanks JD


- the Gods of Mars

The reader did OK with the exception of his pronunciation f the word "escape" it's not "excape". Unfortunately, escape is the topic of almost every sentence for a while.


- Review gods of Mars

I'm hooked on these books. Mr. Burroughs has an imagination when it comes to fighting. Narrations is excellent. Here comes #3.


- The Gods of Mars

I found this rather turgid compared to the previous novel and the reader did a good job with a few stumbles considering Burroughs over-elaborate prose None of the Martians I know who say Forsooth


I hate cliffhangers so I had to move onto this book, but was disappointed that it ended in another cliffhanger. I can't say I wasn't riveted to the story though. If you're like me though, don't start unless you plan on moving on to the next in the series (Warlords of Mars). That is where you will reach an ending without a cliffhanger. As far as the reading, compared to how I can do, he was great. Not nearly as bad as how some made JD out to be. Don't let the comments below discourage you from continuing.

Mr. Cab

The reader seems to mispronounce quite a bit. Comical at times. The book itself isn't all that great. Not as fun as the first one. I've listened though the first three and gave up there. No interest in continuing.

The reader fails in comparison to "A Princess of Mars" reader. The book was great and full of action. The story would be great for a film. But please don't invite the guy who is reading this book.