Gladstone Colony: An Unwritten Chapter of Australian History cover

Gladstone Colony: An Unwritten Chapter of Australian History

James Francis Hogan (1855-1924)

1. Prefatory note and introduction
2. The Genesis of the Gladstone Colony
3. The Constitution of the New Colony
4. Mr Gladstone Enunciates his Land Policy
5. The Founding of the Colony
6. The Veto of Earl Grey
7. The Vindication of Colonel Barney
8. The Growth and Development of Gladstone
9. The Experiences of a Pioneer Squatter
10. The Great Gold Rush
11. A Marvellous Wild-Goose Chase
12. The Host of Disappointed Diggers
13. The Correspondence of Sir Maurice O'Connell
14. A Grevious Error of Mr Gladstone's
15. Major De Winton - Oldest living Gladstonian
16. The Gladstone of To-Day
17. Mr Gladstone's True Principles of Colonisation
18. Mr Gladstone and the Colonies
19. A Couple of Colonial Lectures

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This is an early history of the failed attempt to found the colony of North Australia at Gladstone, in what is now Central Queensland.