Girls of Friendly Terrace (or  Peggy Raymond's Success) cover

Girls of Friendly Terrace (or Peggy Raymond's Success)

Harriet Lummis Smith

1. Chapter One: The Return of Peggy
2. Chapter Two: The Girl Next Door
3. Chapter Three: Making Friends
4. Chapter Four: A Busy Afternoon
5. Chapter Five: A Hallowe'en Party
6. Chapter Six: Elaine Has Visitors
7. Chapter Seven: The Bazar
8. Chapter Eight: At Home With Dunns
9. Chapter Nine: Peggy Acts As Critic
10. Chapter Ten: Ruth Is Perplexed
11. Chapter Eleven: Christmas Preparations
12. Chapter Twelve: Dorothy Goes Shopping
13. Chapter Thirteen: Christmas Celebrations
14. Chapter Fourteen: A Disagreement
15. Chapter Fifteen: A Pathetic Story
16. Chapter Sixteen: A Belated Invitation
17. Chapter Seventeen: Elaine Upsets Tradition
18. Chapter Eighteen: A Remarkable Evening
19. Chapter Nineteen: Amy Is Disillusioned
20. Chapter Twenty: An Eventful Picnic
21. Chapter Twenty-One: An Unexpected Visitor

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Peggy Raymond and her friends, Amy, Priscilla and Ruth, encounter a new neighbour, Elaine, and her family. While Peggy, in her usual cheerful and practical manner, welcomes them into the neighbourhood of Friendly Terrace, a variety of mysteries slowly unfold about them and why they ended up moving there. (Harriet Lummis Smith later went on to write four sequels to Eleanor H. Porter's "Pollyanna" books.)