Girl Next Door cover

Girl Next Door

Augusta Huiell Seaman (1879-1950)

1. Marcia's Secret
2. The Face Behind the Shutter
3. The Gate Opens
4. The Backward Glance
5. The Handkerchief in the Window
6. Cecily Reveals Herself
7. Surprises All Around
8. At the End of the String
9. For the Sake of Cecily
10. The Filigree Bracelet
11. The Lifted Veil
12. Miss Benedict Speaks
13. Via Wireless
14. The Writing on the Bracelets
15. Puzzling it Out
16. One Mystery Explained
17. Major Goodrich Assists
18. The Major has a Further Inspiration
19. The Unexpected
20. Aunt Minerva Takes Command
21. Six Months Later

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Marcia Brett has noticed unusual activity at the ramshackle and seemingly abandoned mansion next door: a mysterious, veiled lady is seen coming and going out the front door, a different woman is glimpsed through a shuttered window, and most mysterious of all, a pretty, blond girl is seen briefly looking forlornly out an upper window! Along with her best friend, Janet McNeil, the two girls are determined to learn the secrets of the old house and befriend the young girl, but once they do, the secrets only increase. The girl has no idea why she is at this house or even who the women she is living with are! Has she been kidnapped? Are they relatives? No one seems to know.