Giant-Killer - or the Battle Which All Must Fight cover

Giant-Killer - or the Battle Which All Must Fight

Charlotte Maria Tucker (1821-1893)

1. Preface
2. The Arrival
3. First Impressions
4. Giant Sloth
5. Giant Selfishness
6. Giant Untruth
7. Trials And Troubles
8. Sunday At Dove's Nest
9. Giant Hate
10. Fair Gratitude
11. The Pleasure Excursion
12. The Prisoner In Darkness
13. Giant Pride

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Ten year old twins. Constantine and Adolphus are chagrined to be shipped off to a private tutor in the country. Their lot appears worse when they meet their host and his family, consisting of a wife, son Aleck (who imagines himself the perfect student) and two little girls! On top of that, they are expected to study. Fun seems in short supply when they are not even allowed to pull the cow's tail, and there is no second dinner provided. This allegorical tale can be a simple, amusing story or a lesson to us all.