The Fur Country cover

The Fur Country

Jules Verne (1828-1905)

1. 01 – A Soiree at Fort Reliance
2. 02 – The Hudson’s Bay Fur Company
3. 03 – A Savant Thawed
4. 04 – A Factory
5. 05 – From Fort Reliance to Fort enterprise
6. 06 – A Wapiti Duel
7. 07 – The Arctic Circle
8. 08 – The Great Bear Lake
9. 09 – A Storm on the Lake
10. 10 – A Retrospect
11. 11 – Along the Coast
12. 12 – The Midnight Sun
13. 13 – Fort Hope
14. 14 – Some Excursions
15. 15 – Fifteen Miles from Cape Bathurst
16. 16 – Two Shots
17. 17 – The Approach of Winter
18. 18 – The Polar Night
19. 19 – A Neighbourly Visit
20. 20 – Mercury Freezes
21. 21 – The Large Polar Bears
22. 22 – Five Months More
23. 23 – The Eclipse of the 18th June 1860
24. 24 – A Floating Fort
25. 25 – Where Are We?
26. 26 – A Tour Of The Island
27. 27 – A Night Encampment
28. 28 – From July 25th To August 20th
29. 29 – Ten Days Of Tempest
30. 30 – A Fire And A Cry
31. 31 – Mrs. Paulina Barnett’s Excursion
32. 32 – Kalumah’s Adventures
33. 33 – The Kamtchatka Current
34. 34 – A Communication From Lieutenant Hobson
35. 35 – A Chance To Be Tried
36. 36 – Across The Ice-Field
37. 37 – The Winter Months
38. 38 – A Last Exploring Expedition
39. 39 – The Break-Up Of The Ice
40. 40 – The Avalanche
41. 41 – All At Work
42. 42 – Behring Sea
43. 43 – In The Offing
44. 44 – The Island Becomes An Isle
45. 45 – The Four Following Days
46. 46 – On A Piece Of Ice
47. 47 – Conclusion

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The Hudson's Bay Company is one of the earliest corporations in the world and the oldest commercial organization in North America. It began as a fur trading company in 1670 and today owns a variety of retail corporations selling a diverse range of goods. In The Fur Country by Jules Verne, the plot describes how a team of Hudson's Bay Company members travel through the Northwest Territory of Canada with the aim of establishing a mission on the Arctic Circle. The members are a mixed bunch. One of the ladies, Paulina Barnett, seeks adventure, while a meteorologist Thomas Black hopes to view a spectacular solar eclipse scheduled to occur during their travel. Set in 1859, the story's protagonist, Lt. Jasper Hobson is enchanted by the rich flora and fauna he and his group encounter here. However, things take a sudden and unexpected turn. Volcanic activity triggers off an earthquake, which results in a bizarre occurrence. The natural laws of physics seem altered, as their geographical position seems to have changed by several degrees. The party soon realizes to its horror that they are marooned on an iceberg... The Fur Country is part of a series of fifty-four novels under the title Voyages Extraodinaires written by the French novelist, poet and playwright, Jules Verne, best known for his adventure stories. The books were published between 1863 and 1905. Verne's aim was to portray, describe and document all the contemporary scientific knowledge that was available at the time and present it in an entertaining and comprehensive manner so that the common man could appreciate it. The wealth of real information, scientific facts and details available in these books made them become known as “encyclopedic novels.” Books like Around the World in Eighty Days, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Mighty Orinoco and others are part of this magnificent body of work. Originally published in two volumes, The Fur Country was illustrated by the celebrated pair, Jules Ferat and Alfred Quesnay de Beaurepaire. The first English translation was published in 1873 and it was translated from the original French by Mrs. Nancy Bell. The English title was The Fur Country or Seventy Degrees North Latitude. Though Jules Verne is considered to be a “children's writer” in the English speaking world, this is not strictly true and this misconception arose because of the several highly abridged and ill-translated versions that became popular. Verne is a major writer in France and Europe and is often referred to as The Father of Science Fiction along with other greats like HG Wells. The Fur Country is an exciting, informative and entertaining read for readers of all ages.


Mrs Dodson

- Excellent Book.

I really enjoyed this reading book. The reader was good. Some of the science went over my head (my fault). A delightful story, I couldn't stop listening to it. Excellent story and the reader was good with different voices. I would definitely recommend this to you.


Just finished listening yesterday. The reading is fine--clear and even toned, with just a hint of differentiation between the speaking voices of the main characters. The story itself is a straight adventure, rather than the science fiction I had come to expect from Verne, but still very entertaining (if you don't mind Verne's very slow, deliberate way of establishing a story).


- Fur Country Audiobook

This is awful, read with a complete disregard for meaning and punctuation. It's immpossible to follow, like listening to someone calling out random words.