Friendly Terrace Quartette (or Peggy Raymond At The Poplars) cover

Friendly Terrace Quartette (or Peggy Raymond At The Poplars)

Harriet Lummis Smith

1. Chapter One: An End And A Beginning
2. Chapter Two: Liberty Bond
3. Chapter Three: Ruth Finds Her Niche
4. Chapter Four: Sticking Tomatoes
5. Chapter Five: A Day At Beechwood
6. Chapter Six: ‘What’s In A Name?’
7. Chapter Seven: Peggy Sets A Ball Rolling
8. Chapter Eight: Settling A Question
9. Chapter Nine: As One Sows
10. Chapter Ten: Winston Is Heard From
11. Chapter Eleven: Lending A Hand
12. Chapter Twelve: Saving The Peach Crop
13. Chapter Thirteen: A Sunday Afternoon
14. Chapter Fourteen: Absent Without Leave
15. Chapter Fifteen: A Letter
16. Chapter Sixteen: A Hero of Their Own
17. Chapter Seventeen: Peggy Acts As Bridesmaid
18. Chapter Eighteen: Two’s Company
19. Chapter Nineteen: Propaganda
20. Chapter Twenty: A Runaway
21. Chapter Twenty-One: Good-By Summer

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The Friendly Terrace Quartette (or Peggy Raymond At The Poplars) published in 1920, finds Peggy and her friends preparing for The Great War. Young men they had known as boys are signing up to train and fight as soldiers, while the girls find themselves looking for what they can do to help. Priscilla, and Amy join Peggy in The Land Army to assist in agricultural labour usually left to men of the period. Ruth, of weaker health, must remain on Friendly Terrace but manages to find her own way to be useful. In the station of The Land Army, known as The Poplars, Peggy, Priscilla and Amy meet many other young women who have come to lend aid, discovering their strengths and weaknesses, secrets and triumphs.