Forbidden Way cover

Forbidden Way

George Gibbs (1870-1942)

1. Sharp Practice
2. Camilla
3. New York
4. The Forbidden Way
5. Diners Out
6. Mrs. Cheyne
7. Braebank
8. The Brush
9. The Shadow
10. Triton of the Minnows
11. Discord
12. Tea Cups and Music
13. Good Fishing
14. Father and Son
15. Infatuation
16. Old Dangers
17. Old Rose Leaves
18. Combat
19. The Lady in Gray
20. La Femme Propose
21. L’Homme Dispose
22. Private Matters
23. The Intruder
24. Gretchen Decides
25. The Crisis
26. The Call of the Heart
27. General Bent
28. Household Gods—and Goddesses

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...he went over to a cracked mirror in the corner and examined his face, grinning at his image and touching the red marks with his fingers. "That was a love-tap for fair," he said. "I reckon I deserved it. But she oughtn’t to push a man too far. She was sure angry. Won’t speak now for a while." He turned with a confident air. "She’ll come around, though," he laughed. "You just bet she will." (From chapter 1 of The Forbidden Way)