Forbidden Gospels and Epistles cover

Forbidden Gospels and Epistles


1. Preface
2. Mary
3. Protevangelion
4. Infancy - Chapters I-XI
5. Infancy - Chapters XII-XXII
6. Infancy - Young Childhood
7. Nicodemus - Chapters I-XI
8. Nicodemus - Chapters XII-XXII
9. Christ and Abgarus
10. Laodiceans
11. Paul and Seneca
12. Acts of Paul and Thecla
13. I Clement - Chapters I - XII
14. I Clement - Chapters XIII - XXIV
15. II Clement
16. Barnabas - Chapters I-IX
17. Barnabas - Chapters X-XV
18. Ephesians
19. Magnesians
20. Trallians
21. Romans
22. Philadelphians
23. Smyrnaeans
24. Polycarp
25. Phillipians
26. I Hermas
27. II Hermas
28. III Hermas - Similtudes I-VII
29. III Hermas - Similtudes VIII & IX, verses 1-100
30. III Hermas - Similtudes IX, verses 101-280 & X

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This is a compilation of ancient books attributed to the writings of the apostles of Jesus Christ and their disciples. These books were once regarded with reverence by the early Christian Church during the first four centuries. After violent disputations by the Bishops of the Nicene Council, these books were forbidden and omitted from the Catholic and Protestant Editions of the New Testament in the reign of the Emperor Constantine. The "Forbidden Books" have been translated from the original tongues, with historical references to their authenticity, BY ARCHBISHOP WAKE AND OTHER LEARNED DIVINES.