The Food of the Gods and How it Came to Earth cover

The Food of the Gods and How it Came to Earth

H. G. Wells (1866-1946)

1. 01 – Bk. 1, Ch. 1 – Discovery of the Food
2. 02 – Bk. 1, Ch. 2 – The Exerimental Fam
3. 03 – Bk. 1, Ch. 3 – The Giant Rats
4. 04 – Bk. 1, Ch. 4 – The Giant Children
5. 05 – Bk. 1, Ch. 5 – The Minimificence of Mr. Bensington
6. 06 – Bk. 2, Ch. 1 – The Coming of the Food
7. 07 – Bk. 2, Ch. 2 – The Brat Gigantic
8. 08 – Bk. 3, Ch. 1 – The Altered World
9. 09 – Bk. 3, Ch. 2 – The Giant Lovers
10. 10 – Bk. 3, Ch. 3 – Young Caddles in London
11. 11 – Bk. 3, Ch. 4 – Redwood’s Two Days
12. 12 – Bk. 3, Ch. 5 – The Big Leaguer

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Two stuffy English scientists, always looking to further their scientific knowledge, create a substance called Herakleophorbia, which in its fourth incarnation – known as Herakleophorbia IV – has the special ability of making things increase greatly in size. As the scientists begin experimentation on some chicks, the substance is misused by some “country folk” who don’t take it seriously and soon Herakleophorbia IV is running rampant throughout England and then across the globe, creating giant plants and animals that wreak havoc on the land and then the people. Then the first giant babies are revealed and for the first time humanity has to contend with the existence of a new race of giant people. How humanity deals with this shocking new creation is revealed in The Food of the Gods and How it Came to Earth.


Tom H

- The Food of the Gods

This is a great story about how rats got big


- Food of the Gods

I've read this story myself before,it's a good story. Unfortunately this reader tries to read it so fast that he trips over his own words, missing syllables often only saying parts of some words. It's a shame, spoils the whole experience. He needs to listen to his own reading, and start from scratch a whole lot slower and get involved in the story, not reading it like he is reading a shopping list.

Danny Carrington

- Food of the gods

The reader speaks too fast, it's not possible to enjoy the book.

- Food of the Gods

A shame that the reader seems to be in a hurry to finish the book.