The Fairyland of Science cover

The Fairyland of Science

Arabella Buckley (1840-1929)

1. Lecture 01 – The Fairyland of Science: How to Enter It; How to Use It; and How to Enjoy It
2. Lecture 02 – Sunbeams and the Work They Do
3. Lecture 03 – The Aerial Ocean In Which We Live
4. Lecture 04 – A Drop of Water On Its Travels
5. Lecture 05 – The Two Great Sculptors – Water and Ice
6. Lecture 06 – The Voices of Nature and How We Hear Them
7. Lecture 07 – The Life of a Primrose
8. Lecture 08 – The History of a Piece of Coal
9. Lecture 09 – Bees in the Hive
10. Lecture 10 – Bees and Flowers

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“I have promised to introduce you today to the fairy-land of science — a somewhat bold promise, seeing that most of you probably look upon science as a bundle of dry facts, while fairy-land is all that is beautiful, and full of poetry and imagination. But I thoroughly believe myself, and hope to prove to you, that science is full of beautiful pictures, of real poetry, and of wonder-working fairies…” (From the Introduction to The Fairyland of Science)