The Eye of Osiris cover

The Eye of Osiris

R. Austin Freeman (1862-1943)

1. 01 – The Vanishing Man
2. 02 – The Eavesdropper
3. 03 – John Thorndyke
4. 04 – Legal Complications and a Jackal
5. 05 – The Water-Cress Bed
6. 06 – Sidelights
7. 07 – John Bellingham’s Will
8. 08 – A Museum Idyll
9. 09 – The Sphinx of Lincoln’s Inn
10. 10 – The New Alliance
11. 11 – The Evidence Reviewed
12. 12 – A Voyage of Discovery
13. 13 – The Coroner’s Quest
14. 14 – Which Takes the Reader into the Probate Court
15. 15 – Circumstantial Evidence
16. 16 – Oh Artemidorus, Farewell!
17. 17 – The Accusing Finger
18. 18 – John Bellingham
19. 19 – A Strange Symposium
20. 20 – The End of the Case

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The Eye of Osiris is an early example from the Dr. Thorndyke series of detective stories written by R. Austin Freeman. In these stories, the author drew on his extensive medical and scientific knowledge for his main character, a medico-legal expert who relies on forensic evidence and logical deduction in solving cases. In this case, Thorndyke steps in to investigate the disappearance of one John Bellingham, an English gentleman and amateur Egyptologist, who has vanished under very mysterious circumstances. Thorndyke’s involvement in the case arises from a both purely professional interest in the unique character of the case, as well as from the fact that a young doctor and former student of his has recently become closely acquainted with the missing man’s brother and niece.



- The Eye of Osiris

Great book! The young women reading did a great job. I love when they can do a different voice for each character. I really enjoyed this mystery. I would highly recommend it it.


- The Eye of Osiris

A clever and entertaining story, very well narrated.


Interesting mystery and numerous angles. Well read.