Emperor's New Clothes cover

Emperor's New Clothes

Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875)

1. The Emperor's New Clothes
2. The Ugly Duckling
3. Thumbellina
4. The Brave Little Tin Soldier
5. There is No Doubt About It

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    This is a collection of a few of my personal favorite stories by Hans Christian Andersen that I most loved as a child and still enjoy as an adult. The Emperor's New Clothes was funny from my earliest years because even then I could see that it poked fun at adults and their silly pretensions; The Ugly Duckling I think, was enjoyable because the bullied little one turned out so well and it had a happy ending although I thought even as a child that the protagonist should have gone back and brought those mean barnyard fowl down a peg or two. Little Tiny or Thumbellina is just a sweet story with adventure thrown in and The Brave Little Tin Soldier was and is a tribute to bravery and steadfastness. The last story, There Is No Doubt About It ! was so obviously silly and fun even to a young child and frankly, I just love the way the animals talk in this story.



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