The Emerald City of Oz cover

The Emerald City of Oz

L. Frank Baum (1856-1919)

1. 01 - How the Nome King Became Angry
2. 02 - How Uncle Henry Got Into Trouble
3. 03 - How Ozma Granted Dorothy's Request
4. 04 - How The Nome King Planned Revenge
5. 05 - How Dorothy Became a Princess
6. 06 - How Guph Visited the Whimsies
7. 07 - How Aunt Em Conquered the Lion
8. 08 - How the Grand Gallipoot Joined The Nomes
9. 09 - How the Wogglebug Taught Athletics
10. 10 - How the Cuttenclips Lived
11. 11 - How the General Met the First and Foremost
12. 12 - How they Matched the Fuddles
13. 13 - How the General Talked to the King
14. 14 - How the Wizard Practiced Sorcery
15. 15 - How Dorothy Happened to Get Lost
16. 16 - How Dorothy Visited Utensia
17. 17 - How They Came to Bunbury
18. 18 - How Ozma Looked into the Magic Picture
19. 19 - How Bunnybury Welcomed the Strangers
20. 20 - How Dorothy Lunched With a King
21. 21 - How the King Changed His Mind
22. 22 - How the Wizard Found Dorothy
23. 23 - How They Encountered the Flutterbudgets
24. 24 - How the Tin Woodman Told the Sad News
25. 25 - How the Scarecrow Displayed His Wisdom
26. 26 - How Ozma Refused to Fight for Her Kingdom
27. 27 - How the Fierce Warriors Invaded Oz
28. 28 - How They Drank at the Forbidden Fountain
29. 29 - How Glinda Worked a Magic Spell
30. 30 - How the Story of Oz Came to an End

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Oh My Goodness! What a lot of incredible adventures are packed into this epic. The evil gnome king plots to destroy Oz and enslave it's people; evil creatures from many places are enlisted in this dastardly plan that has every chance of success. Dorothy brings her Aunt and Uncle from Kansas where they have been evicted from the farm, to live in Oz and they are given a tour of parts of Oz that have never been visited before. A city of paper dolls, a city of jig saw people, a city of bunnies and many many more odd and wonderful people are visited and enjoyed. But will the evil creatures succeed in invading and destroying OZ and enslaving all it's unique and marvelous people? Will this be the last OZ book? I invite you to listen to this exciting tale and find out!!



- reader review

This reader's animation, cadence and inflection evoke images of the scenes and flesh out the characters in the story. All that enhances the experience of listening and does not feel like bumps in the 'road' of listening. Thank you sir.


- The reader

This is the last one read by Phil Chinivret. Just a warning. It came to me as a nasty suprise when I started the 7th book.

Thomason Cheng

- Review

What a Great book! Make more of the book!


- Storys

Thank you L.Frank Baum!!!


- Review

Loved it! On to the next one! Thank you Phil for the excellent narration! :0)