Elements of Ornithology cover

Elements of Ornithology

William Ruschenberger (1807-1895)

1. Preface
2. Lesson One. Overview of Birds.
3. Lesson Two. Eggs.
4. Lesson Three. Birds of Prey.
5. Lesson Four. Orioles, Swallows, Crows, etc..
6. Lesson Five. Humming Birds, Parrots, etc...
7. Lesson Six. Peacocks, Pigeons, etc..
8. Lesson Seven. Ostrich, Cranes, Flamingos, etc..
9. Lesson Eight. Penguins, Gulls,Ducks, etc..,
10. Glossary A-E
11. Glossary F-O
12. Glossary P-Z

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The Elements of Ornithology is one of seven in a Series of First Books of Natural History Prepared for the Use of Schools and Colleges. This succinct little textbook from 1845 presents an introduction to ornithology. The information, albeit not current, is still interesting and of use as a general overview of bird biology and classification. The author was a surgeon in the U.S. Navy and president of the Academy of Natural Sciences.