Eight Strokes of the Clock (Version 2) cover

Eight Strokes of the Clock (Version 2)

Maurice Leblanc (1864-1941)

1. I - On the Top of the Tower
2. II - The Water Bottle
3. III - The Case of Jean Louis
4. IV - The Tell-Tale Film
5. V - Thérèse and Germaine
6. VI - The Lady with the Hatchet
7. VII - Footprints in the Snow
8. VIII - At the Sign of Mercury

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    The Eight Strokes of the Clock is a collection of short stories centred on Arsène Lupin, former gentleman thief extraordinaire. In this series, Lupin has abandoned his life of crime in favour of that of crime solver. Under the guise of a prince named Rénine, he invites the young and beautiful Hortense Daniel to help him solve several mysteries.



    - Eight Strokes of the Clock

    Nice set of linked short mystery stories with a romance mixed in, the narration is heavily accented but good throughout.


    This is a delightful set of stories. Well read also