The Dragon's Secret cover

The Dragon's Secret

Augusta Huiell Seaman (1879-1950)

1. 01 – The Night of the Storm
2. 02 – Found on the Beach
3. 03 – The Mysterious Casket
4. 04 – In the Sand
5. 05 – An Exploring Party
6. 06 – Leslie Makes Some Deductions
7. 07 – A New Development
8. 08 – The Clue of the Green Bead
9. 09 – Aunt Sally Adds to the Mystification
10. 10 – At Dawn
11. 11 – An Unexpected Visitor
12. 12 – The Curious Behavior of Ted
13. 13 – A Trap Is Set
14. 14 – The Man with the Limp
15. 15 – Out of the Hurricane
16. 16 – Rags to the Rescue
17. 17 – Eileen Explains
18. 18 – The Dragon Gives Up the Secret
19. 19 – The Biggest Surprise of All

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Sixteen year old Leslie Crane has come to the New Jersey shore as a companion to ailing Aunt Marcia, whose doctor has sent her there for a some quiet rest and recuperation. While the beach is lovely in October, Leslie quickly finds herself getting lonely with no one her own age to talk to. Little does she realize that she will not only soon make a new friend, but that they will both end up in the midst of a puzzling mystery centered around the closed up bungalow next door.Augusta Huiell Seaman is the author of over 40 historical fiction and mystery novels for older children most of which are currently out of print. The Dragon’s Secret was originally published in 1921.



- The dragons secret

This was lovely to listen to while I hand quilted!!!! Ah, a different time in the world, well done reader.


- The Dagon's Secret

Cute story, well read.

David Brown

If you enjoy Nancy Drew and The famous five type of mystery stories, you’ll love this one. It was well read and each chapter had something interesting going on to keep you hooked.