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Divine Comedy (version 2 Dramatic Reading)

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The Divine Comedy (in Italian, Divina Commedia, or just La commedia or Comedia) is an epic poem written by Dante Alighieri in the first decades of the 14th Century, during his exile from his native Florence. Considered the most important work of Italian literature, the poem has also has enormous historical influence on western literature and culture more generally. Dante represents the three realms of the afterlife in his three canticles (Inferno--Hell; Purgatorio--Purgatory; Paradiso--Paradise) in a way that reflects and, at the same time, goes beyond Christian tradition of the 14th Century. Dante is sometimes called "The father of the Italian language" for the linguistic influence of the Comedy, which helped to elevate his native Florentine Tuscan dialect to the level of national standard. The poem is written in the first person, and tells of Dante's journey through the three realms of the dead, lasting from the night before Good Friday to the Wednesday after Easter in the spring of 1300. The Roman poet Virgil guides him through Hell and Purgatory; Beatrice, Dante's ideal woman, guides him through Heaven. (Summary by Mary J)
MC: Leni
BC: Mary J
DPL, Editor: Michele Eaton

Heavenly Messenger, Pier della Vigna, Malacoda, Sordello, Sapia, Angel of Temperance, Leah, Nymph 2, Piccarda: Sarah Terry
Pier da Medicina: Adele de Pignerolles
Homer, Minotaur, Jacopo Rusticucci, Pope Nicholas, Master Adam, Cato, Manfred, King Solomon, Adam: alanmapstone
Tree, Tree 2, A Soul in the Sphere of Mercury: Amy Gramour
Peter Damian: David Lawrence
Sinner 1, Megaera, Soul 2, Widow, Wife of Pisistratus, Siren, Lustful Soul 1, Nymph 7: Availle
Mohammed, Corrado Malaspina: BeniaminoMassimo
Minos: Bryan Rupert
Aglauros, Pisistratus, Abbot of St Zeno: DomBombadil
Ulysses: David N Winkler
Count Ugolino, Soul 3, St James: Beth Thomas
Plutus, Calvalcante dei Calvalcanti, Giacomo da SantAndrea, Alessio Interminei of Lucca, Vanni Fucci, Guido da Montefeltro, Sinon, Nimrod, Buonconte Da Montefeltro, Guard, Oderisi, Envious Soul 3, Marco, A Pope, Forese Donati, Guido Guinizelli, Griffon, Justinian, Thomas Aquinas, St Peter: Andrew Coleman
Cacus: GaylorSwift
Ciacco, Sinner 3, Lano, Tegghiaio Aldobrandi, Malebranche 2, Fra Catalan, Puccio Sciancato, Boniface VIII, Capocchio, Frate Alberigo, Belacqua, Judge Nino, Envious Soul 4, Guido del Duca, Nymph 3, Charles Martel, Bonaventure, St Bernard: Zach K
Bertran de Born, Angry Mob: Johnny Alexander
Narrator, Beatrice: Mary J
Charon, Filippo Argenti, Chiron, Guido Guerra, Venedico Caccianimico, Swindler: inflected
Proud Soul 2, Nymph 4: Jessie Yun
Francesca da Rimini: Amanda Friday
Angry Mob 1, Angel of Peace, Singing Elder, Nymph 5: K Cotter
Wrathful Soul, Tisiphone, Farinata, Nessus, Capaneus, Malebranche 1, Fra Loderingo, Snakeman, Black Cherub, Mosca, Camiscione dei Pazzi, Casella, Pia, Angel, Proud Soul 3, Envious Soul 2, Thunderous Voice, Angry Mob 4, Lavinia, Slothful Soul 1, Angel of Zeal, Hugh Capet, Bonagiunta, Lustful Soul 3, Soul in Eden 1, Many Souls Voice 3, Nymph 1, Folco, St Benedict, St John: Kristin Gjerløw
Omberto, Rinieri dal Calboli, Avaricious/Prodigal Penitent, Statius, Many Souls Voice 4: Leni
Virgil: Anna Simon
Phlegyas: LibriNinja
Lucia, Malebranche 4, Penitent Soul, Jacopo del Cassero, Lucia, Angel of Humility, Other Souls 2, Many Souls Voice 5, Nymph 6: Lydia
Brunetto Latini: Martin Geeson
Bocca degli Abati: Alex Lane
Excommunicated Repentant Soul: Nan Mig
Alecto, Trajan: Patrick Eaton
Cacciaguida: Vin Reilly
Griffolino, Slothful Soul 4: Rob Board
Sinner 2, A Florentine Bush, Malebranche 5, Traitor 2, Angry Mob 2, Slothful Soul 3, Lustful Soul 2, Soul in Eden 2, Many Souls Voice 2: Rosslyn Carlyle
Avaricious, Prodigal Penitent 2: Ruth Golding
Singing Souls, Angel of Purity, Matelda, Singing Angels: Shakira Searle
Avaricious Soul, Agnello, Angry Mob, Cunizza: Holly Alexander
Virgin Mary, Prodigal Soul, Demon, Usurer, Traitor 1, Late Repentant Soul, Proud Soul 1, Envious Soul 1, Angel of Generosity, Holy Lady, Other Souls 1, Voice, Many Souls Voice 1, Eagle: TriciaG
Dante: Peter Tucker
Malebranche 3, Buoso, Angry Mob, Slothful Soul 2: Vincent Alexander
Daniel Arnaut: Vespero

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