Dhammapada (Version 2) cover

Dhammapada (Version 2)


1. Chapter I. The Twin-Verses
2. Chapter II. On Earnestness
3. Chapter III. Thought
4. Chapter IV. Flowers
5. Chapter V. The Fool
6. Chapter VI. The Wise Man (Pandita)
7. Chapter VII. The Venerable (Arhat).
8. Chapter VIII. The Thousands
9. Chapter IX. Evil
10. Chapter X. Punishment
11. Chapter XI. Old Age
12. Chapter XII. Self
13. Chapter XIII. The World
14. Chapter XIV. The Buddha (The Awakened)
15. Chapter XV. Happiness
16. Chapter XVI. Pleasure
17. Chapter XVII. Anger
18. Chapter XVIII. Impurity
19. Chapter XIX. The Just
20. Chapter XX. The Way
21. Chapter XXI. Miscellaneous
22. Chapter XXII. The Downward Course
23. Chapter XXIII. The Elephant
24. Chapter XXIV. Thirst
25. Chapter XXV. The Bhikshu (Mendicant)
26. Chapter XXVI. The Brahmana (Arhat)

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    - A Collection of Verses Being One of the Canonical Books of the Buddhists Dhammapada means "The path of Dharma." The Pali word Dhamma corresponds to the Sankrit word Dharma. It is a collection of the teachings of the Buddha. These verses, compiled by Buddha's students in the years following his final Nirvana, were culled from various discourses given by the Buddha in the course of forty-five years of his teaching, as he travelled in the valley of the Ganges and the sub-mountain tract of the Himalayas. These 423 verses are often terse, witty, and convincing. Whenever similes are used, they are those that are easily understood even by a child, e.g., the cart's wheel, a man's shadow, a deep pool, flowers. Through these verses, the Buddha exhorts one to achieve that greatest of all conquests, the conquest of self; to escape from the evils of passion, hatred and ignorance.