Deportation Cases of 1919-1920 cover

Deportation Cases of 1919-1920

Constantine Panunzio (1884-1964)

1. Introduction
2. Author's Preface, What the Deportation Laws Provide
3. Who the Arrested Aliens Were
4. How the Arrests Were Made
5. How the Aliens Were Tried
6. How Many Were Connected with Proscribed Organizations
7. How the Aliens Felt About Leaving America
8. How the Aliens Were Treated
9. How Long the Aliens Were Held in Prison
10. How the Aliens' Families Were Affected
11. Summary
12. Deportation Laws Affecting Alien Anarchists

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"The study here presented embodies the findings of an investigation into the recent [1919-1920] deportations of persons deemed to be unlawfully in the country. . . Its purpose is to call public attention to practices that are inconsistent with the American tradition of justice and fair-play."