Defence of the Bride and Other Poems cover

Defence of the Bride and Other Poems

Anna Katharine Green (1864-1935)

1. The Defence of the Bride
2. Through the Trees
3. The Nightingale
4. The Tower of Bouverie
5. Premonition
6. In Light - In Night
7. Three Letters
8. Pearls
9. Shadows
10. Paul Isham
11. Rosa, Dying
12. One Month
13. At the Piano
14. In Farewell
15. A Tragedy of Sedan
16. Ode to France
17. On the Threshold
18. Isabel Maynor
19. Myrna
20. Coming Home from the Fair
21. The Confession of the King's Musketeer
22. What do the Roses Say in their Dreams?
23. A Legend of Antwerp
24. Sunrise from the Mountains
25. Separated
26. The Barricade

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Anna Katharine Green is now best-known for her popular mystery and detective stories, but she also wrote some excellent poetry.