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#1 - I sail as Second Mate in the Saracen

Death Ship

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Download We meet and speak the Lovely Nancy, Snow audio
Download The Captain and I talk of the Death Ship audio
Download We are chased and nearly captured audio
Download We arrive at Table Bay and proceed thence on our Voyage audio
Download The Captain speaks again of the Death Ship audio
Download I converse with the Ship's Carpenter about the Death Ship audio
Download Mr. Hall harrangues the Crew audio
Download We draw close to a Strange and Luminous Ship audio
Download A Cruel Disaster befalls me audio
Download I am rescued by the Death Ship audio
Download My First Night in the Death Ship audio
Download I inspect the Flying Dutchman audio
Download Vanderdecken shows me his Present for Little Margaretha audio
Download I talk with Miss Imogene Dudley about the Death Ship audio
Download The Death Ship must be slow at Plying audio
Download I hold a Conversation with the Crew audio
Download Imogene says she will trust me audio
Download Vanderdecken exhibits some Treasure audio
Download Imogene and I are much together audio
Download The Death Ship's Forecastle audio
Download We watch the Ship approach us audio
Download The Centaur flies from us audio
Download Vanderdecken walks in his Sleep audio
Download We sight a Dismasted Wreck audio
Download The Dutch Sailors board the Wreck audio
Download The Dutchmen obtain Refreshments audio
Download My Life is attempted audio
Download My Sweetheart's Joy audio
Download We tell our Love again audio
Download The Death Ship is boarded by a Pirate audio
Download My Life is again attempted audio
Download A Tempest bursts upon us audio
Download Imogene fears for me audio
Download We bring up in a Bay audio
Download The Weather helps my Scheme audio

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William Clark Russell is well-known for his maritime stories, for which he could draw upon his own experiences as a sailor in the British Navy. This is one of the finest examples of his maritime ghost stories.

Everyone knows the story of the ghostly ship, the Flying Dutchman, which is cursed and doomed to sail the seven seas forever, bringing destruction to anyone crossing its path. Geoffrey Fenton, narrator of this story, is one of those unlucky persons who do cross this ship's path, and who even gets captured by it. When he finds himself on the famous Death Ship, the adventure of his life begins, including deadly storms, pirates, and a very particular beautiful damsel in distress. - Summary by Carolin

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