Audiobook: Dawn Patrol, and Other Poems of an Aviator

Dawn Patrol, and Other Poems of an Aviator cover

Dawn Patrol, and Other Poems of an Aviator

1 - The Dawn Patrol


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Paul Bewsher writes poems of a wartime aviator from his heart and soul. His heart longs for an end to the perils of war and the forced destruction meted out by him and his fellow soldiers while yearning for a return to the serenity of home. His soul is that of a fighter, an airman whose cockpit is both an escape from earthly strife and an agonizing wait for the sudden death that stalks him on each mission. Bewsher's poems are made ever more meaningful by being written by one who has suffered the horrors of war; one who has survived but who has known many who did not; one who understands the longing for an end, the longing for the way life used to be, and the hunger for peace. Bewsher explores in his poetry a range of human emotions from the stance of one immersed in a struggle not of his own making but one essential to his own and his country's survival. These are poems of a reality once lived and never forgotten, a reality indelibly etched in the mind of an aviator during a seemingly unending war. These are poems with vital lessons for us all. - Summary by Bruce Kachuk

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