The Dark House cover

The Dark House

George Manville Fenn (1831-1909)

1. 01 – Number 9A, Albemarle Square
2. 02 – The Dead Mans Relatives
3. 03 – One Guardian Of The Treasure
4. 04 – The Lawyers Tin Box
5. 05 – The Reading Of The Will
6. 06 – A Fit Of Generosity
7. 07 – Lying In State
8. 08 – The Horrors Of A Morn
9. 09 – Another Discovery
10. 10 – Why, Doctor, Doctor He’s Dead!
11. 11 – The Treasure
12. 12 – The End Of The Instructions
13. 13 – The Young Doctor
14. 14 – A Clever Diplomatist
15. 15 – In The Dark
16. 16 – You Here
17. 17 – The Tenth Night
18. 18 – Nocturnal Proceedings
19. 19 – Birds Of Prey
20. 20 – Asleep Or Awake?
21. 21 – What The Sound Was
22. 22 – A Blank Adventure
23. 23 – Waiting For Breakfast
24. 24 – Doctor And Nurse
25. 25 – High Words
26. 26 – Capels Nurses
27. 27 – An Encounter
28. 28 – Mr Preenhams Visitor
29. 29 – The Party Breaks Up
30. 30 – Where The Treasure Lay

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An extremely wealthy but reclusive man has died, leaving an eccentric will which hints at great riches hidden somewhere in the house. Most of the people at the reading of the will did not know the deceased in person, but had received kindnesses from him, for instance by the payment of school and university fees. The principal beneficiary, a great-nephew, also did not know him. The only two people who really knew him were the old lawyer who dealt with his affairs, and an old Indian servant. Yet when the will had been read, and they all went to where the treasure–gold, jewels and bank-notes–were supposed to be hidden, nothing could be found.


I see these reviews and imagine country folk saying something to the effect of "I wish them british people would start talkin English like reel 'mericans, I can't even understand a word she sed." -- Seriously, the narrator is fully understandable and sounds quite fine. BTW, I am American myself...

Stefani C.

I like the narrator, but the story is not very exciting or interesting.

gene c

- the dark house

Couldn't understand the reader. Please have someone else read this book !!

gene c

- the dark house

I was looking forward to this story, but as soon as I heard the reader, I had to turn it off. Sorry, but the reader is so bad you can't even understand her accent !!!

gene c

- the dark house

COULDN'T TAKE IT MORE THAN 2 MINUTES !!! It is nice that people volunteer, but this person is not understandable !!!!


- The dark house

May be a good story, I'll never know, I just cant listen to this reader.

andy wogan

I liked the sound of the book but not the narrator I've heard her before and this time I didn't even get to the first line These volunteers are brave to do this but it's a shame when listeners can't tolerate such out of kilter accents, spoiling the tale.


- The dark house

I listened to 2 min and stopped. This lady is a horrible narrator.


- The Dark House

The worst narrator. I listened to 1 chapter and had to turn her off.


- The Dark House

Chapters are way to short. When listening on mobile no sooner is chapter started when had to start new chapter. Reader not great to understand.