Cycle Industry, its origin, history and latest developments cover

Cycle Industry, its origin, history and latest developments

Walter Ferdinando Grew (1869-1949?)

1. Early history and origin of the bicycle
2. The tricycle era
3. Tandem bicycles
4. Materials
5. From the stores to the railway dray
6. Production methods
7. The pneumatic and other tyres
8. Change speed gears
9. Spring frames
10. The trade and racing
11. The cycle boom
12. Roads in Great Britain
13. The weight question
14. The bicycle on the continent
15. Military and other service bicycles
16. In the factory
17. Accessories
18. Pioneer rides
19. The motor cycle
20. The future of the industry
21. Advertisements

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From the velocipede to the motor cycle in twenty chapters. A short history of the British bicycle industry from its origins in a Coventry sewing machine factory in 1868 to its transformation into one of the countries most important industries. A reminder of the days when bicycles ruled the roads from the Pitman's Common Commodities and Industry Series.