Curse of Carne's Hold cover

Curse of Carne's Hold

George Alfred Henty (1832-1902)

1. How The Curse Began
2. Margaret Carne
3. Two Quarrels
4. A Terrible Discovery
5. The Inquest
6. Ruth Powlett
7. The Verdict
8. Enlisted
9. The Outbreak
10. A Successful Defence
11. Attack On A Wagon Train
12. In The Amatolas
13. The Rescue
14. Ronald Is Offered A Commision
15. A Parting
16. Searching For A Clue
17. Ruth Powlett Confesses
18. George Forester's Death
19. The Fire At Carne's Hold
20. Cleared At Last

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When Ronald Mervyn from Devonshire is falsely accused of murder he emigrates to South Africa. He takes part in the Kaffir war and during this time he rescues a family from death. The family then return to England and try to establish Ronald's innocence.