Audiobook: Creature from Cleveland Depths (Version 2)

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Creature from Cleveland Depths (Version 2)

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The Cold War of the 1960s has grown warmer and warmer over time until, at this time in the future, it is a very hot and nasty war where Atomic and Ionic Bombs are dropped and satellites snoop into everything. The US has decided to move underground for protection from bombs and snooping and society in this future age is happy living there. Everyone lives underground! Well, except for the odd balls and weirdos who insist on staying topside. Gusterson is one of these quirky ones. He is milked for new ideas by the less inventive 'moles' as he calls them. One of his ideas is taken and despite his warnings, turns into a monster indeed; something that can and does control people. Listen and hear of the horror of the 'TICKLER!" (First published in Galaxy magazine, 1961) - Summary by Phil Chenevert

You are listening Creature from Cleveland Depths (Version 2) by Fritz Leiber.
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