Compleat Bachelor cover

Compleat Bachelor

Oliver Onions (1873-1961)

1. Sugar and Lemon
2. A Hypothetical Case
3. A Military Maneuver
4. A Children's Party
5. The Ideal In Peril
6. A Corner In Treacle
7. Three's Company
8. A Veteran Recruit
9. The Ethics Of Angling
10. An Undress Rehearsal
11. Queen Of Love And Beauty
12. A Modern Sabine
13. Pot Luck
14. The Things That Are Caesar's
15. Settling Day

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George Oliver Onions (1873 – 1961) was a British writer of story collections and over 40 novels…. Onions wrote detective fiction, social comedy, historical fiction and romance novels. This social comedy of late Victorian England is among his first published materials. Rollo Butterfield, the compleat bachelor, looks upon his family and friends with an affectionate, gently humorous eye.