The Club of Queer Trades cover

The Club of Queer Trades

G. K. Chesterton

1. 1 – The Tremendous Adventures of Major Brown
2. 2 – The Painful Fall of a Great Reputation
3. 3 – The Awful Reason of the Vicar’s Visit
4. 4 – The Singular Speculation of the House-Agent
5. 5 – The Noticeable Conduct of Professor Chadd
6. 6 – The Eccentric Seclusion of the Old Lady

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A collection of six wonderfully quirky detective stories, featuring the ‘mystic’ former judge Basil Grant. Each story reveals a practitioner of an entirely new profession, and member of the Club of Queer Trades.


Biased Perspective

- Reader is good, stories not so much

The first story was entertaining and interesting. The others not so much. Look up reviews on the stories elsewhere before investing your time to make sure it seems like something you would enjoy. Reader was really solid!


So very entertaining! Completely twists and turns all unexpected and great reading!


- Club of queer trades

Odd stories, but what a great reader!


- Perfect!!

Perfect for the commute and such an interesting book. The narrator is awesome as well!


- Love It!

The reader for this book does an incredible job! Great British accent, but easy to understand and slow enough to catch what's going on. Love Chesterton's writing, which reminds me of a cross between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Lemony Snicket!


- The club of queer trades

I love chestertons' words,so rich! Beautifully read Such a difference having only one reader... Please note!

The Reader is fantastic! The book great! Claudia


Definitely a hidden gem! Enjoyable, albeit slow to start. This quick read is a must and will have you laughing at the queer trades!