Captain of the Nine cover

Captain of the Nine

William Heyliger (1884-1955)

1. The New Captain
2. A Firm Stand
3. The Threat
4. Inside Baseball
5. Loyal Friends
6. The First Game
7. Results of Defeat
8. More Inside Baseball
9. The Missing Catcher
10. The First Clew
11. A Fight Against Time
12. Finding the Culprit
13. The Sentence
14. Doctoring an Infielder
15. The Winning Hit

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When the veteran captain of the St. Mary's baseball team is forced to resign at the beginning of the season, the choice for his replacement falls quickly upon the star pitcher. But can the new captain manage to rally the team, cope with detractors, and win the coach's confidence--all while still keeping his pitching arm in shape? And when fresh disasters threaten to wreck the big game, is there anything he can do to save it?