The Calico Cat cover

The Calico Cat

Charles Miner Thompson (1864-1941)

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2. Chapter 02
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4. Chapter 04
5. Chapter 05
6. Chapter 06
7. Chapter 07

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The consequences of letting your irritation get the better of you are humorously portrayed in this story of a self-important man who fires a shotgun at an annoying cat on his fence.. and hits a man skulking in the bushes. What did the cat do to enrage him? Why was the man in the bushes? And how can the whole matter be covered up and done away with before the neighbors start gossiping?


- The Calico Cat

A delightful story with a moral. Very well read. Thank you.


- Calico Cat

A delightful story with a moral Wonderfully read which really made it very entertaining. Thank you.


- The Calico Cat

A lovely quirky little story with the perfect reader. Thank you.


Amusing sweet story. Very well read


Sweet story. Well narrated. Thank you!