Burning Wheel cover

Burning Wheel

Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)

1. The Burning Wheel
2. Doors of the Temple
3. Villiers de L'Isle-Adam
4. Darkness
5. Mole
6. The Two Seasons
7. Two Realities
8. Quotidian Vision
9. Vision
10. The Mirror
11. Variations on a Theme of Laforgue
12. Philosophy
13. Philoclea in the Forest
14. Books and Thoughts
15. Contrary to Nature and Aristotle
16. Escape
17. The Garden
18. The Canal
19. The Ideal found wanting
20. Misplaced Love
21. (First) Sonnet
22. Sentimental Summer
23. The Choice
24. The Higher Sensualism
25. (Second) Sonnet
26. Formal Verses
27. Perils of the Small Hours
28. Complaint
29. Return to an Old Home
30. Fragment
31. The Walk

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    Though Aldous Huxley is best known for his later novels and essays, he started his writing career as a poet. The Burning Wheel is his first work, a collection of thirty poems that pay homage in style to poets who wrote in the Romantic or the French symbolist styles. Many of the poems deal with themes of light, darkness, sight, music, art, war, and idealism vs. realism. Though the optimism in his early works waned as he became older, his characteristically optimistic and determined point of view shines through. The last poem was read collaboratively by ezwa, AlgyPug and Larry Wilson.