Browns at Mt. Hermon cover

Browns at Mt. Hermon

Pansy (1841-1930)

1. 'Mary Brown, Circleville'
2. Mary Jane Brown
3. Mary Brown's Friends
4. A New Miss Brown
5. Farmer Brown
6. Mr. Brown
7. Mary Brown as a Problem
8. Miss Brown's Bewilderments
9. Miss Brown at a Social Function
10. Miss Brown a Bible Student
11. Kendall Browning
12. Browning and the Browns
13. Mr. Brown to the Rescue
14. Mr. Brown and Mr. Browning
15. Mr. Brown's Plans
16. Kendall Browning's Answer
17. The Browns and the Brownings at Church
18. Kendall Browning's Opportunity
19. Mary Brown's Troubles
20. Mary Brown Feels Deserted
21. The New Miss Brown
22. Questions for Mary Brown to Answer
23. Mr. Brown and Miss Brown
24. 'Mary Brown Carpenter!'
25. Exit One of the Browns
26. Mary Jane Brown Arrives
27. Miss Brown Decides
28. The John Brown Carpenters at Home

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When she mistakenly receives an offer of work addressed only to "Mary Brown," the lonely young heiress Mary Thornton Brown forms an audacious plan--to spend her summer not as a guest at a fashionable resort but as a hired girl in Mrs. Roberts' boarding house. Over the course of her adventure, she meets people from many different walks of life, a number of them, to her amusement, sharing her own last name. A certain gentleman boarder is particularly pleasant--but even he is not the best friend Mary will meet during her summer at Mt. Hermon.