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Boy Travellers in Mexico

Download Chapter I - To Mexico by Rail. Battle of San Jacinto. Old Texas and Modern Changes. Arrival on the Frontier of Mexico. audio
Download Chapter II - Laredo. The Rio Grande. Mexican Tariffs. Adobe Houses. Mesa de los Cartujanos. Nuevo Leon. Monterey. audio
Download Chapter III - The American Invasion of To-day. Monterey. Short History of the Mexican War. In a Monterey House. audio
Download Chapter IV - Santa Caterina. Sierra Madre. Saltillo. The Alameda. Buena Vista. audio
Download Chapter V - Brigandage. Chihuahua. Santa Eulalia Mines. Torreon and Lerdo. Fresnillo. Calera. Zacatecas.</b> audio
Download Chapter VI - Zacatecas. Mines of Zacatecas. Farming in Mexico. Aguas Calientes. Women. audio
Download Chapter VII - Barrancas. Lagos. Leon. Silao. Guanajuato. Market Scenes. Education. audio
Download Chapter VIII - Aqueduct. Hill of the Bells. Revolutions in Mexico. Foreign Intervention. Juarez. Religion. Reform. Martyrs. audio
Download Chapter IX - Cazadero. Tula. Mexico City. The Mantilla. Lotteries. audio
Download Chapter X - The Cathedral. Teocalli. Iturbide. Calendar-stone. Aztecs. audio
Download Chapter XI - Lost Arts. Music. Antiquities. Aztec Warfare and Domestic Life. National Palace. Monte de Piedad. audio
Download Chapter XII - Mexican Politeness. Governor of Acapulco. Great Market. Chinampas, or Floating Gardens. Santa Anita. Festival of Fire. audio
Download Chapter XIII - Courtship. Marriage Ceremony. Funerals. Diseases. Domestic Servants. audio
Download Chapter XIV - Fine Arts. Pulquerias. Police-courts. Belem Prison. Running the Gantlet. audio
Download Chapter XV - Chapultepec. The Palace. National Military College. Capture of Vera Cruz. Fall of Chapultepec. audio
Download Chapter XVI - Noche Triste Tree. Conquest of Mexico. Expulsion of the Spaniards. Rule of Viceroys. The Church. audio
Download Chapter XVII - Mexico’s Population. President Juarez. Leperos and Brigands. Inquisition. Auto-da-fé. audio
Download Chapter XVIII - Popocatepetl. Amecameca. Tlamacas. Las Cruz. The Pico del Fraile. audio
Download Chapter XIX - Popocatepetl. Amecameca. Monte Sacro. A Ratero. audio
Download Chapter XX - Cargadores. Public Schools. Theatres and Hospitals. Bull-fighting. Processions. Ceremonials and Amusements. audio
Download Chapter XXI - Ancient City of the Toltecs. Morelos. Cuautla. Tierra Caliente. Yautepec and Cuernavaca. audio
Download Chapter XXII - Acapulco. Guadalajara. Hidalgo and the Spaniards. Señor Perez. Rodeo. audio
Download Chapter XXIII - President Diaz. Army and Navy of Mexico. Postal Service. Publications. Apizaco. Puebla. Cinco de Mayo. audio
Download Chapter XXIV - Puebla. Cholula. Great Pyramid. Tlascala. Apizaco. audio
Download Chapter XXV - The Cumbres. Maltrata. Tierra Templada. Orizaba. Rincon Grande, Cerro del Borrego. Cordoba. Tierra Caliente. Vera Cruz. audio
Download Chapter XXVI - Vera Cruz. Governor's Palace. San Juan de Ulloa. Mexican Prison. Jalapa. Cerro Gordo. Orizaba and Perote. Tampico. audio
Download Chapter XXVII - Tehuantepec. Mahogany Trade. Palenque. Lorillard City. Remains of Mitla. Pillar of Death. audio
Download Chapter XXVIII - The Mysterious City. Don Pedro Velasquez. Carmen and Campeachy. Underground Caves. The Quezal. The Yucatan. audio
Download Chapter XXIX - Merida. The Calesa. Indians, Spaniards, and Mestizos. Characteristics of the Maya Race. Euchre or Yucca. audio
Download Chapter XXX - Markets. Balls. Characteristic Indian Dances. Worship of the Sun. The Volan Coché. How the Owners of Estates Live. audio
Download Chapter XXXI - A Cenoté. A Subterranean Bath-house. A Noria. Native Superstitions. Uxmal. A Heetzmek. Uayalké. audio
Download Chapter XXXII - Legends. A Royal Palace. Maya Arches. Garapatas. An Ancient Watering-Place. audio
Download Chapter XXXIII - Archæology. Mayapan. Aké. Kabah. Chichen-itza. Other Ruined Cities. audio
Download Chapter XXXIV - Central America. Costa Rica. Tegucigalpa. Yuscaran. Farewell. audio
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An engaging travelogue published in 1890, written conversationally among two youths and their guide and mentor. From the preface: "a book describing the land of the Aztecs, its history and resources, the manners and customs of its people, and the many curious things to be seen, and adventures passed through, in a journey from one end of that country to the other." Subtitle: Adventures of Two youths in a Journey to Northern and Central Mexico, Campeachey, and Yucatan, with a Description of the Republics of Central America and of the Nicaragua Canal. This is from The Boy Travellers series by Thomas W. Knox. (Summary by S Caulkins)

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