Boy Chums in the Florida Jungle cover

Boy Chums in the Florida Jungle

Wilmer M. Ely (1874-1917)

1. I. The Boy Chums
2. II. The New Venture
3. III. Investigating
4. IV. Buncoed
5. V. The Strike
6. VI. Loyalty
7. VII. Charley Has A Narrow Escape
8. VIII. Walter Takes His First Lesson in Running An Engine
9. IX. Bob Is Sent Home
10. X. Walter and the Engineer Go A-Hunting
11. XI. The Convict's Camp
12. XII. Charley Gets A New Crew
13. XIII. Looking Ahead
14. XIV. Scouting
15. XV. The First Blow
16. XVI. Fighting The Fire
17. XVII. The Convicts
18. XVIII. The Medicine Man
19. XIX. The Old Fort
20. XX. The Hidden Voice
21. XXI. Charley Gets A Telegram
22. XXII. Moving The Camp
23. XXIII. Exciting Events
24. XXIV. A Clew
25. XXV. Sickness in the Camp
26. XXVI. A Midnight Raid
27. XXVII. Burning Out The Jungle
28. XXVIII. Shooting To Kill
29. XXIX. The Seminole Lad
30. XXX. Visitors
31. XXXI. Mr. Jones Buys The Outfit
32. XXXII. The Mystery Solved

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Late entry in the Boy Chums series set in WWI-era Florida focuses on four working-class adventurers: young adults Charley & Walter, manservant Chris, and man of the world, Captain Westfield. Has the distinction of Chris being black; he's a stereotype for sure but is pretty much treated as an equal, like a grown-up Buckwheat -- with a dry sense of humor -- from the Our Gang comedies..