Audiobook: Bobbsey Twins on Blueberry Island

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Bobbsey Twins on Blueberry Island

1 - The Gypsies


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The Bobbsey twins are off to spend a summer full of fun and adventures on Blueberry Island. They will encounter a cave, and gypsies, and other things I won't tell you about. You can find out by listening to this book!

As with many children's books written during this time in history, there are racial stereotypes that would not pass muster today. To edit them out would be to erase history, so I'm reading the book, as is. There is a "fat black mammy" named Dinah, and gypsies (of undetermined geographical origin) who naturally steal because they don't know any better. These stereotypes can act as a good springboard for educating your child on how far we have come, and how far we still need to go, to erase racism altogether. - Summary by Nan Dodge

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