Bobbsey Twins at School cover

Bobbsey Twins at School

Laura Lee Hope

1. A Circus Train
2. Snoop is Gone
3. A Queer Dog
4. Home in an Auto
5. Snap Does Tricks
6. Danny Rugg is Mean
7. At School
8. Bert Sees Something
9. Off to the Woods
10. A Scare
11. Danny's Trick
12. The Children's Party
13. An Unpleasant Surprise
14. A Coat Button
15. Thanksgiving
16. Mr. Tetlow Asks Questions
17. The First Snow
18. A Night Alarm
19. Who Was Smoking?
20. A Confession
21. The Fat Lady's Letter
22. Snap and Snoop

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    The Bobbsey Twins is a series of books attributed to Laura Lee Hope, a house pseudonym of the Stratemeyer Syndicate. The family includes a pair of older twins, Nan and Bert, and a pair of younger twins, Freddie and Flossie. This volume is the fourth in the series. The Bobbseys are on their way home from an exciting summer vacation. But mysteries and trouble are never far behind them, and they run across a wrecked circus train and a trick dog who insists on following them! Back at home, exciting news awaits: Bert has been selected as president of a new museum that the school is opening. All goes well until opening day, when the museum's most valuable statue goes missing! Who took it? And why? Can the Bobbsey twins solve this new mystery?