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#1 - Introduction

Blue Poetry Book

Download I: Blake, Hogg, Hood, Cowper, Wordsworth, Scott, Campbell, Drayton, Marvell audio
Download II: Cowper, Campbell, Longfellow, Goldsmith, Scott audio
Download III: Browning, Scott, Burns, Moore, Anonymous, Byron, Shakespeare, Landor audio
Download IV: Anonymous, Poe, Jonson, Scott, Byron, Keats, Hood, Collins, Herrick, Wordsworth, Sidney, Cowper, Shakespeare, Wolfe, Lovelace audio
Download V: Scottish Minstrelsy, Poe, Wolfe, Scott, Byron, Surtees, Wordsworth, Lovelace, Lamb, Collins, Unknown audio
Download VI: Scott, Longfellow, Dryden, Marlowe, Elliott, Poe, Coleridge, Milton audio
Download VII: Milton, Scott, Shelley, Lindsay, Unknown, Wordsworth, Macaulay, Ancient English audio
Download VIII: Wotton, Anonymous, Heywood, Shirley, Bryan, Byron, Shakespeare, Nairne, Marvell, Moore, Longfellow, Peacock, Shelley, Scott, Wordsworth audio
Download IX: Poe, Hogg, Shakespeare, Mickle, Shelley, Barnefield, Nashe, Macaulay, Scott audio
Download XI: Poe, Gray, Scott, Scottish Border Minstrelsy, Campbell audio
Download XII: Macaulay, Anonyous, Keats Lamb, Dibdin, WOrdsworth, Bunyan, Cowper audio
Download XIII: Scott, Burn, Cowper, Scottish Border Minstrelsy, Milton audio
Download XIV: Gray, Milton, Keats, Coleridge audio
Download XV: Wordsworth, Anonymous, Cowper audio
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This anthology poetry, gathered by Andrew Lang and originally published in 1891, is read by four voices, Larry Wilson, Ciufi Galeazzi, Lynette Caulkins and J. Thurgood.

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