The Black Moth cover

The Black Moth

Georgette Heyer

1. 00 - Prologue
2. 01 - At the Chequers Inn, Fallowfield
3. 02 - My Lord at the White Hart
4. 03 - Introducing the Hon. Richard Carstares
5. 04 - Introducing the Lady Lavinia Carstares
6. 05 - His Grace of Andover
7. 06 - Bath: 29 Queen Square
8. 07 - Introducing Sundry New Characters
9. 08 - The Biter Bit
10. 09 - Lady O'Hara Intervenes
11. 10 - Lady O'Hara Retires
12. 11 - My Lord Turns Rescuer and Comes Nigh Ending His Life
13. 12 - My Lord Dictates a Letter and Receives a Visitor
14. 13 - My Lord Makes His Bow
15. 14 - Mistress Diana is Unmaidenly
16. 15 - O'Hara's Mind is Made Up
17. 16 - Mr. Bettison Proposes
18. 17 - Lady O'Hara Wins Her Point
19. 18 - Enter Captain Harold Lovelace
20. 19 - The Reappearance of His Grace of Andover
21. 20 - His Grace of Andover Takes a Hand in the Game
22. 21 - Mrs. Fanshawe Lights a Fire and O’Hara Fans the Flame
23. 22 - Developments
24. 23 - Lady Lavinia Goes to the Play
25. 24 - Richard Plays the Man
26. 25 - His Grace of Andover Captures the Queen
27. 26 - My Lord Rides to Frustrate His Grace
28. 27 - My Lord Enters By the Window
29. 28 - In Which What Threatened to be Tragedy Turns to Comedy
30. 29 - Lady O'Hara is Triumphant
31. 30 - Epilogue

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Jack Carstares, oldest son of the Earl Wyncham, has been disgraced by his brother. Gone for six years, living the life a highwayman he meets the woman he will fall in love with. Saving her from being kidnapped by a dastardly blackguard he is injured and must stay with her family until he is able to return to his life…will she discovery his true identity? Will he be able to leave her when the time comes? Mystery and humor follow this intriguing cast of characters until the very end. (Summary by Terra Mendoza)


Diane R

- Black Moth read by Terra

I am thoroughly enjoying this reading of the book. Sure hope there more books in the library read by Terra. Excellant job

- The Black Moth

Those few mispronouciations and a dodgy Irish accent fade into insignificance when listening to Terra's retelling of The Black Moth. She reads beautifully and I am surprised that this is the first four star rating.

- Black Moth by Georgette Heyer

Story telling good, pronunciation not so good.


- The Black Moth

A good story. And I too found Terra's reading to be delightful, she does have a good clear voice and it is a pleasure to listen to her.


- A good reader

I found Terra's reading to be delightful, she gave each character its own voice, and had a good clear voice...excellent.

E.F. Keck

- The Black Moth, by Georgette Heyer

Reader is a good storyteller, but she has a great deal of trouble with pronunciation, both in American and British English.

J Stewart

- Black Moth Georgette Heyer

A perennial favourite but how annoying to hear so many names mispronounced!