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#1 - 0-01 Prologue - John Amend-All

Black Arrow - A Tale of the Two Roses

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Download 1-04 A Greenwood Company audio
Download 1-05 'Bloody as the Hunter' audio
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Download 2-01 Dick Asks Questions audio
Download 2-02 The Two Oaths audio
Download 2-03 The Room Over the Chapel audio
Download 2-05 How Dick Changed Sides audio
Download 3-01 The House by the Shore audio
Download 3-02 A Skirmish in the Dark audio
Download 3-03 St. Bride's Cross audio
Download 3-04 The 'Good Hope' audio
Download 3-05 The 'Good Hope' - continued audio
Download 3-06 The 'Good Hope' - concluded audio
Download 4-02 'In Mine Enemies' House' audio
Download 4-04 In the Abbey Church audio
Download 4-05 Earl Risingham audio
Download 4-06 Arblaster Again audio
Download 5-01 The Shrill Trumpet audio
Download 5-02 The Battle of Shoreby audio
Download 5-03 The Battle of Shoreby - concluded audio
Download 5-04 The Sack of Shoreby audio
Download 5-05 Night in the Woods: Alicia Risingham audio
Download 5-06 Night in the Woods - concluded: Dick and Joan audio
Download 5-07 Dick's Revenge audio
Download 5-08 Conclusion audio
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The Black Arrow tells the story of Richard (Dick) Shelton during the Wars of the Roses: how he becomes a knight, rescues his lady Joanna Sedley, and obtains justice for the murder of his father, Sir Harry Shelton. Outlaws in Tunstall Forest organized by Ellis Duckworth, whose weapon and calling card is a black arrow, cause Dick to suspect that his guardian Sir Daniel Brackley and his retainers are responsible for his father's murder. Dick's suspicions are enough to turn Sir Daniel against him, so he has no recourse but to escape from Sir Daniel and join the outlaws of the Black Arrow against him. This struggle sweeps him up into the greater conflict surrounding them all. The story of the Wars of the Roses is told in miniature by The Black Arrow. (Summary from Wikipedia)

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