Bible For Young People Vol. 1 cover

Bible For Young People Vol. 1


1. The Creation Of The World
2. The Creation Of Adam And Eve
3. The Sin Of Adam And Eve
4. The Murder Of Abel
5. The Flood
6. The Ark Rests On Ararat
7. The Tower Of Babel
8. The Call Of Abram
9. Destruction Of Sodom
10. Hagar And Ishmael
11. Abraham's Sacrifice
12. The Death And Burial Of Sarah
13. How Rebekah Became Isaac's Wife
14. Jacob And Esau
15. Jacob And Rachel
16. Jacob And Laban
17. Meeting Of Jacob And Esau
18. The Birth Of Benjamin
19. Joseph And His Brethren
20. Joseph Before Pharaoh
21. The Famine
22. Benjamin Brought To Joseph
23. Israel Goes Down Into Egypt
24. The Death Of Jacob
25. The Burial Of Jacob
26. The Finding Of Moses
27. The Burning Bush
28. The Israelites In Bondage
29. The Plagues Of Blood And Frogs
30. The Plagues Of Lice, Flies, Murrain And Boils
31. The Plague Of Hail
32. The Plagues Of Locusts And Darkness
33. The Tenth Plague: The First-born Of Egypt Slain - The Passover
34. The Israelites Go Up Out Of Egypt
35. The Overwhelming Of The Egyptians
36. The Song Of Moses
37. The Israelites Fed With Manna
38. Moses Brings Water From The Rock - Moses And His Father-In-Law
39. The Law Given From Mount Sinai
40. Moses Called Up Into The Mount
41. The Tabernacle And The Priesthood
42. The People Worship The Golden Calf
43. The Second Set Of Tables
44. The Setting Up Of The Tabernacle
45. The Day Of Atonement
46. The People Are Commanded To Be Holy
47. The Feasts Of The Lord
48. The Seventh Year And The Year Of Jubile
49. The Numbering Of The People
50. The Offerings Of The Princes - The Children Of Israel Journey
51. The People Murmur
52. Miriam's Leprosy
53. The Spies Sent Out
54. The Israelites Rebel, And Are Turned Back To Wander In The Wilderness
55. The Rebellion Of Korah
56. Aaron's Rod
57. The Brazen Serpent
58. Balak And Balaam
59. The Israelites Numbered The Second Time
60. The Death Of Moses
61. Rahab Conceals The Spies
62. The Israelites Pass Over Jordan
63. The Siege Of Jericho
64. The Trespass Of Achan
65. The Capture Of Ai
66. The Craft Of The Gibeonites
67. Joshua Conquers The Kings Of Canaan
68. Joshua Divides The Land
69. The People Renew The Covenant
70. The Israelites Forsake God
71. Deborah And Barak Deliver Israel
72. Gideon Is Sent To Deliver Israel
73. Jephthah And His Daughter
74. Samson
75. The Story Of Ruth
76. Samuel
77. The Philistines Take The Ark
78. The Israelites Desire A King
79. Saul Anointed King
80. Saul Rejected For Disobedience
81. David Chosen King
82. David Conquers Goliath
83. David And Jonathan
84. Saul Pursues David
85. David Spares Saul's Life The Second Time
86. Saul Consults The Witch Of En-Dor
87. The Death Of Saul
88. David Anointed King
89. David Brings The Ark To Zion
90. David Sends For Mephibosheth
91. David Takes The Wife Of Uriah
92. The Revolt Of Absalom
93. The Death Of Absalom
94. David Brought Back To Jerusalem
95. David's Choice
96. Solomon Annointed King
97. Death Of King David
98. Solomon's Judgment
99. The Building Of The Temple
100. The Dedication Of The Temple
101. The Queen of Sheba
102. Solomon's Riches - He Foresakes The Lord
103. Rehoboam - The Revolt Of The Ten Tribes
104. Three Kings Of Judah
105. The Wicked Kings Of Israel
106. Elijah
107. Elijah And The Prophets Of Baal
108. The Still Small Voice
109. Siege Of Samaria
110. Naboth's Vineyard
111. Jehoshaphat, King Of Judah
112. Ahaziah, King Of Israel
113. Elijah Taken Up To Heaven
114. War With The Moabites
115. The Widow's Oil - The Shunammite
116. Naaman Healed - The Iron Swims
117. Ben-Hadad, King Of Syria, Makes War On Israel
118. Jehu Executes Judgment On The House Of Ahab
119. Joash, King Of Judah
120. Death Of Elisha
121. Joash And Amaziah
122. Israel Carried Away Captive Into Assyria
123. Sennacherib Invades The Land
124. Hezekiah's Sickness
125. Manasseh, Amon, And Josiah
126. The Babylonian Captivity
127. The Return
128. The Second Temple
129. Ezra Goes Up From Babylon
130. The Building Of Jerusalem
131. Esther's Request
132. The Advancement Of Mordecai
133. Job Smitten
134. Job's Comforters
135. The Lord Reasoneth With Job
136. Psalms 1, 8, 15, 16, 19, 23, 24, 29, 33, 34, 42
137. Psalms 43, 45, 46, 47, 51, 63
138. Psalms 65, 77, 84, 86, 90, 93
139. Psalms 95 , 96, 98, 100, 103, 104, 107
140. Psalms 111, 116, 118, 121, 136
141. Psalms 138, 139, 145, 146, 147, 148, 150
142. Proverbs
143. Remember Thy Creator
144. Prophecies Of Isaiah
145. Promises Of The Messiah And Of Gospel Grace
146. Good Tidings
147. Words Of Jeremiah
148. The Potter's Vessel
149. Jeremiah Is Persecuted
150. Ezekiel Among The Captives
151. Every Man Judged By His Own Actions
152. The Valley Of Dry Bones
153. Daniel And His Three Friends
154. Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
155. The Three Hebrews In The Furnace
156. Belshazzar's Feast
157. Daniel In The Lion's Den
158. Jonah
159. Zechariah's Predictions Concerning Christ
160. Malachi's Prophecy Of Christ

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"The Bible for Young People tells the sweet and simple stories of the Bible in the Bible language, omitting only genealogies and doctrines, and whatever is generally regarded as unprofitable to young readers. Moreover, it is so divided into subjects, forming complete stories, that the child will be interested in every part of it. ... Verse divisions have been disregarded, and a totally new system of chapters introduced in place of the familiar ones, and it is hoped that this novelty will give fresh interest to the old book. One of the features which will be appreciated is the table of contents, giving the subject of each book and its subdivisions, so that one may readily turn to any Bible story of which he is in search. With great discrimination and sympathy, the compiler, Mrs. Joseph B. Gilder, has accomplished this task, and the book now stands as the embodiment of what is universally considered the best in the Bible for young people, "best" meaning here what is most suited to the minds of girls and boys and appropriate to their moral range. " Volume 1 comprises the stories of the Old Testament. - Publisher's note