The Antichrist cover

The Antichrist

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

1. 1 – Introduction
2. 2 – Author’s Preface
3. Sections 1-19
4. Sections 20-26
5. Sections 27-42
6. Sections 43-47
7. Sections 48-53
8. Sections 54-62

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Save for his raucous, rhapsodical autobiography, Ecce Homo, The Antichrist is the last thing that Nietzsche ever wrote, and so it may be accepted as a statement of some of his most salient ideas in their final form. Of all Nietzsche’s books, The Antichrist comes nearest to conventionality in form. It presents a connected argument with very few interludes, and has a beginning, a middle and an end.



- The Anti-Christ

An informative and thought provoking book which I would recommend to all open minded people.


- Good book

This book is an excellent critique of Christianity.