The Amateur Emigrant cover

The Amateur Emigrant

Robert Louis Stevenson

1. 01 – The Second Cabin
2. 02 – Early Impressions
3. 03 – Steerage Scenes
4. 04 – Steerage Types
5. 05 – The Sick Man
6. 06 – The Stowaways
7. 07 – Personal Experience & Review
8. 08 – New York

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In July 1879, Robert Louis Stevenson left Scotland to meet his future wife in her native California. Leaving by ship from Glasgow, Scotland, he determined to travel in steerage class to see how the working classes fared. At the last minute he was convinced by friends to purchase a ticket one grade above the lowest price, for which he was later thankful after seeing the conditions in steerage, but he still lived among the ‘lower’ classes. His comments on the experience make interesting reading. His father however was so shocked at the thought of his son associating with people ‘beneath him’ that the work was not published for a number of years,